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Wear in Wheelchair Cushions 2.0


In May 2012, I wrote an article for my Clinical Corner blog, titled “Wear in Wheelchair Cushions”. If you missed that post, you may click on the following link to read the article. I continue to receive questions on how to determine when a wheelchair cushion requires replacement so I thought it would be a good idea to revisit this topic. This month, I will update the discussion on wear in wheelchair cushions by reviewing research that has been published since my blog article was posted.


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Wear in Wheelchair Cushions


​Often when I go into hospitals and other facilities – places that have equipment pools for seating and mobility, but limited budgets for replacement items – I am asked “How can you tell if a cushion is worn out?”  Because of the frequency of that question, I thought it would make a great topic for Clinical Corner.  It is also a topic that is applicable for evaluating an individual wheelchair user’s cushion to determine when a replacement cushion may be needed if there are no provincial funding guidelines.


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Skin Protection and Cushion Design


​Past articles have looked at various materials commonly used in wheelchair cushions and different types of cushion covers and their relative ability to effect skin protection.  This month, let’s think about how some materials may be formed into a cushion and how the shape and design of a cushion can effect skin protection


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Skin Protection and Cushion Covers


​Last month, we focused on materials commonly used in wheelchair cushions.  This month, let’s look at the different types of cushion covers and how the type of cushion cover used may effect skin protection.  Cushion covers?!  Are they really that important?  Well, in a word – yes!


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Selecting a Cushion Based on Assessment Findings

Bariatric Measurement Chart

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Seating Assessment Form

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