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Understanding Seating Sizing


Getting the right fit is important in seating and mobility.  The fit of the seating system can affect comfort, function, posture, and skin integrity.  This month, Clinical Corner will focus on how to understand seating sizing for cushions, back supports and head supports.  A few “tricks of the trade” will be shared so that clinicians can better understand how to request the correct size of seating for an individual. 


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Wheelchair Head Supports Part 1


This month, let's think about head supports for individuals who use wheelchairs. Essentially, there are 3 circumstances under which we may be considering head supports for individuals - for people who do not have good head control and require head support when seated upright; for people who have good head control when seated upright, but require support of the head when using a tilt or recline feature in seating; and for people who remain seated in a wheelchair in transit and who are required by the transportation provider to have a head support affixed to the wheelchair while the individual is in transit.


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Selecting a Cushion Based on Assessment Findings

Bariatric Measurement Chart

Measurement Chart

Seating Assessment Form

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