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Celebrating 5 Years of Clinical Corner!


Clinical Corner is 5 years old! As I mentioned in Happy Anniversary..., I began writing articles related to the clinical aspects of seating and mobility for our monthly Sunrise Medical Newsletter, SUNMED News, in January 2011. In March 2011, a blog was started as a way to archive the Clinical Corner newsletter articles and to have them accessible to those who do not receive our newsletter.

For the past 5 years, the blog has been hosted on WordPress, a blogging site. Due to advancements and enhancements on the Sunrise Medical website, we are finally able to host the Clinical Corner blog on our website! This means that the blog will be moving from the WordPress site to our Sunrise Medical website. Don’t worry – you can continue to keep saved as a Favourite on your Smartphone or computer as the link to will be re-directed to

In order to assist our webmaster in creating the Tag Cloud at the right of the blog, which allows for easy searching by topic, I was asked to provide tag words for each of the articles I have written – 59 articles so far! You can imagine that this caused me to pause and reflect on the content of each of the articles. And that is what triggered the idea for this blog post! As I have written on so many different subject areas, what a good time to review the various topics and related article titles. I think it is also a nice way to celebrate five years of Clinical Corner by having a look back. This will be the first time that all of the Clinical Corner titles have been categorized and listed in one place. (Hint: You may want to save this webpage as one of your favourites!)

The main topic areas in which I have written include: Assessment and Wheelchair Provision; Seating; Skin Protection; Positioning; Manual Mobility; Power Mobility; Preventing Sliding; Considerations for Individuals who are Bariatric; Transit Standards; and Education. Let’s take a look at the article titles that are under each main topic area as a reminder of all of the articles available on Clinical Corner. Click on the title for a direct link to the article. (While some articles could be listed under more than one heading, for brevity I have listed each article title only once according to the main focus of the article.)

Assessment and Wheelchair Provision

  1. The Hands On Assessment
  2. Best Practices in Seating and Mobility Assessments
  3. More on Seating and Mobility Assessments
  4. The Steps to Wheelchair Provision


  1. Goals of Seating and Considerations for Generic Seating Product Parameters
  2. Seating Considerations - The Back Rest
  3. Skin Protection and Seating: Thoughts on Pressure Reduction
  4. Skin Protection and Cushion Materials
  5. Skin Protection and Cushion Covers
  6. Skin Protection and Cushion Design
  7. Sharing a Question and an Answer
  8. Wear in Wheelchair Cushions
  9. Wear in Wheelchair Cushions 2.0
  10. Customizing Off-the-Shelf Seating
  11. Custom Seating

Skin Protection

  1. Pressure Sores and Skin Protection
  2. Weight Shifting and Pressure Management
  3. Weight Shifting and Pressure Management 2.0
  4. Considering Wheelchair Configuration for Skin Protection
  5. Dynamic Tilt and Pressure Redistribution


  1. Practical Seating Considerations - Pelvic Obliquity
  2. Practical Seating Considerations - Posterior Pelvic Tilt
  3. More on Practical Seating Considerations - Posterior Pelvic Tilt
  4. Practical Seating Considerations - Anterior Pelvic Tilt
  5. Practical Seating Considerations - Pelvic Rotation
  6. Wheelchair Head Supports Part 1
  7. Wheelchair Head Supports - Part 2: Pads and Customizations

Manual Mobility

  1. Early Intervention Devices
  2. Manual Mobility: The Basics
  3. Manual Wheelchair Prescription: Beginning with the Future in Mind
  4. Centre of Gravity and Manual Wheelchairs
  5. More on Rear Wheel Position and Standard Manual Wheelchairs
  6. Vertical Rear Wheel Position in Manual Wheelchairs
  7. Rolling Resistance in Manual Wheelchairs
  8. Front Caster Position in Manual Wheelchairs
  9. More on Rear Wheels of Manual Wheelchairs - Lateral Position and Camber
  10. Maneuverability in Manual Wheelchairs - What Fork to Use?
  11. The Weight Factor of Manual Wheelchairs
  12. The Science of Manual Tilt Mechanisms

Power Mobility

  1. Pushrim Activated Power Assist Wheelchairs - Clinical Benefits and Considerations
  2. Power Mobility: Comparing Mid-Wheel, Rear-Wheel and Front-Wheel Drive
  3. De-mystifying Power Wheelchairs - Batteries and Motors
  4. De-mystifying Power Wheelchairs - The Control Module
  5. De-mystifying Power Wheelchairs – Selecting Electronics
  6. Power Programming Basics
  7. Specialty Controls for Power Wheelchairs

Preventing Sliding

  1. Prevention of Sliding in Seated Mobility - Part One
  2. Prevention of Sliding in Seated Mobility - Part Two
  3. Prevention of Sliding in Seated Mobility - Part Three

Considerations for Individuals who are Bariatric

  1. Seating and Mobility Considerations for Individuals who are Bariatric - Part 1: Body Shape
  2. Seating and Mobility Considerations for Individuals who are Bariatric - Part 2: Assessment and Seating
  3. Seating and Mobility Considerations for Individuals who are Bariatric - Part 3: Mobility Base

Transit Standards

  1. WC19: Wheelchairs Used as Seats in Motor Vehicles
  2. Wheelchair Tiedowns and Occupant Restraint Systems and Standards
  3. WC20 and Secondary Postural Supports When Travelling in Motor Vehicles
  4. More on Wheelchair Transit Safety Standards


  1. Happy Anniversary...
  2. Another Anniversary!
  3. Knowledge to Action: Wheelchair Cushions

This month’s article has allowed us to celebrate the past five years of Clinical Corner by looking back on past article titles, categorizing them, and providing direct links to the articles, all in one place. As we move into the future with Clinical Corner, please provide your comments, questions and suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you!

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