Style Your Ride

Built-4-Me® Wheelchair & Product Customizations

Bold accents. Custom paint jobs. Tailored upholstery.

When you want to break the mold, Style Your Ride helps you create a truly original wheelchair design. The Built-4-Me team will overlook no detail when creating the head-turning style you've imagined.

Style Your ride. Ride your style.

Glossy, custom colored accents and handrims on a wheelchair

Let your inner princess shine with custom two-tone paint. Then add some bling with custom chrome wheels and accents.

Custom drip paint, piped upholstery, and colored Spinergy spokes on a wheelchair

Got a favorite sports team? Show your team colors with a custom paint job and wheels to match.

Camouflage-coordinated trim pieces on a wheelchair

Maybe sleek and polished is more your style. How about a custom chrome frame and wheels with black cherry accents?

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