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Do you have a request that's different from the options available on our regular wheelchairs? Tailor-made wheelchairs are our speciality. Built-4-Me will listen to your requirements, analyze the risk factors involved and deliver a tailor-made wheelchair to meet your needs. Explore some of the work we've already done for inspiration or alternatively contact us with your own unique request today!

Hand-crafted, unique wheelchairs to enhance your independence, individuality and ride.

We've created thousands of wheelchair modifications. From personalized paint jobs, tailored upholstery to individual options, when you want to break the mold, Built-4-Me will help you create a truly original wheelchair. Take a look at some of the work that we've already done.

Personal designs

By experienced Sunrise Medical engineers.

Unique to you

Built to your exact needs.

Hand built

By experienced Sunrise Medical manufacturing professionals.

Quality tested

For your safety before leaving our facility.

Why choose a Built-4-Me wheelchair?

How it works


Understanding Your Requirements

Your Sunrise Dealer will help you complete the regular product order form and document your made-to-order needs. They will then forward your request to our Built-4-Me team.


Reviewing & Producing Your Request

Once we've received your order form and made-to-order needs, we will analyze your request, evaluate any potential risks and propose a solution. If you're happy with our proposal, we will then proceed to manufacture your product.



When your modification is complete, it'll be delivered to your dealership, who will go through your order with you and ensure you're happy with your modification.

Interested in a modified wheelchair?