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Considering Wheelchair Configuration for Skin Protection


​Well, if you have been following this series, you will know that I have written about different aspects of wheelchair cushions, such as the material, design, and cushion cover, and how these may affect skin protection for a person using the cushion. You will also know that I have said that no one cushion will work best for all people. This month, I would like to write a reminder for everyone to consider wheelchair configuration and how this may influence the effectiveness of the cushion in providing skin protection.


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Skin Protection and Seating: Thoughts on Pressure Reduction


Last month’s article gave us an overview of pressure sores, staging of pressure sores, factors associated with pressure sores and some prevention strategies.  This month, I would like to look at how seating can assist in the prevention of skin breakdown and pressure ulcers.


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Pressure Sores and Skin Protection


In one of my previous articles, I wrote about the many possible goals of seating.  This month, I would like to take a closer look at one goal in particular – skin protection.


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