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Combining stability, effective postural and pressure management, easy handling and comfort to the highest degree.
JAY Fusion Wheelchair Cushion

Fusion™ Cushion

The JAY Fusion is an adjustable wheelchair cushion designed for skin protection that features JAY Flow™ Fluid, CryoFluid, and air insert options.

From $976

JAY J2 Wheelchair Cushion

J2™ Series Cushions

The JAY J2 pre-contoured foam wheelchair cushions feature a JAY Flow™ fluid tripad with up to 3" of loading for superior skin protection and support.

From $777

JAY X2 Wheelchair Cushion

X2™ Cushion

The JAY X2 is a lightweight, maintenance-free, fluid wheelchair cushion with a reduced profile that is designed to provide stability and pressure relief to active clients.

From $881

JAY Union Wheelchair Cushion

Union™ Cushion

The JAY Union is a versatile, comfortable, skin protection and positioning wheelchair cushion composed of a dynamic fluid and foam layering system.

From $714

JAY Ion Wheelchair Cushion

Ion® Cushion

The JAY Ion is a comfortable wheelchair cushion composed of a multi-layered foam base, moisture resistant inner cover, and an anti-microbial outer cover.

From $613

JAY Zip Kids Wheelchair Cushion

Zip® Cushion

The JAY Zip is an anti-microbial, convenient, and comfortable skin protection and positioning wheelchair cushion designed specifically for kids!

From $663

JAY HV Technology Back

J3® Back with HV Technology

By seamlessly combining the proven comfort and reliability of the JAY J3 Back with heating/ventilation (HV) technology, you can control your microclimate.

From $1814

JAY J3 Wheelchair Cushion

J3™ Cushion

The JAY J3 wheelchair cushion provides outstanding stability and optimal pressure distribution for the client at high risk of skin breakdown.

From $852

JAY J3 Wheelchair back

J3™ Back

The JAY J3 wheelchair back product line offers a multitude of width, height, and contour depth back shells to fit the back to the client.

From $634

JAY J2 Series Back

J2™ Series Backs

The JAY J2 Series backs are designed to provide posterior and lateral pelvic stability along with enhanced trunk support.

From $826

JAY Care Back

Care Back

The JAY Care wheelchair back accommodates a client with a fixed kyphotic thoracic spine by providing built-in lateral support and 39° of angle adjustability.

From $739

JAY Basic Back

Basic Back

The JAY Basic wheelchair back was designed to increase sitting tolerance and stability by adding a rigid back support to the wheelchair.

From $530

JAY Solution Wheelchair Cushion

Solution™ Cushion

The JAY Solution is a user friendly product which enhances postural pelvic stability, reduces peak pressure, increases sitting tolerance and much more.

From $680

JAY Go Back

GO Back

The JAY GO wheelchair back features an easy to install Velcro® strap assembly, Dartex® moisture-resistant cover and wide straps for tension-adjustable support.

From $613

JAY Zip Kids Wheelchair back

Zip™ Back

The JAY Zip is a lightweight, anti-microbial, and adjustable wheelchair back designed to provide posterior and mild lateral thoracic support for active kids!

From $948

JAY J2 Plus Back

J2™ Plus Back

The JAY J2 Plus Back is a bi-angular backrest specifically designed to address the pelvic and trunk stability needs of bariatric clients.

From $1735

JAY Easy Wheelchair Cushion

Easy® Cushion

The JAY Easy is a skin protection and positioning wheelchair cushion featuring a high-resiliency, contoured foam base that accommodates a curved or flat seat.

From $637

JAY Protector Wheelchair Seating Option


The JAY Protector is a small, portable wheelchair cushion designed for clients to use when not sitting in their wheelchair for short periods of time.

From $405

Wheelchair Cushions and Backs by JAYJAY Adjustable Solid Wheelchair Seat Option

Adjustable Solid Seat

The JAY Adjustable Solid Seat wheelchair seating option provides a firm base of support for improved positioning by replacing the wheelchair's sling upholstery.

JAY Lumbar Support Wheelchair Seating Option

Lumbar Support

The JAY Lumbar Support wheelchair seating accessory provides mild support of the lower back for increased comfort and sitting tolerance.

From $80

JAY Union Back

Union™ Back

Comfort and Support all in One! The JAY Union Back is the complementary addition to any manual, positioning and power wheelchairs.

From $948

JAY Focus Point Back

Focus Point Back

The JAY Focus Point back is a three-piece contoured backrest featuring a reinforced contoured aluminum shell, multi-adjustable lateral wings, and a pelvic wedge for additional posterior pelvic support.

From $887

JAY Encompass Back

Encompass Back

The JAY Encompass wheelchair back is an off-the-shelf back featuring customizable three-piece laterals and foam selections.

From $512

JAY Care Wheelchair Cushion

Care Cushion

The JAY Care wheelchair cushion was designed to accommodate the client with a fixed posterior pelvic tilt utilizing sling style wheelchair upholstery.

From $576

JAY Soft Combi P Wheelchair Cushion

Soft Combi® P Cushion

The JAY Soft Combi P cushion is a lightweight, soft and moderately contoured foam wheelchair cushion designed for the client at low risk of skin breakdown.

From $320

JAY GO Wheelchair Cushion

GO Cushion

The JAY GO cushion is a soft, mildly contoured, dual-layered foam cushion with a Dartex® moisture resistant cover.

From $279

JAY BasicPRO Wheelchair Cushion

BasicPRO™ Cushion

The JAY BasicPRO is a moderately contoured, high-performance general use wheelchair cushion with an easy-to-clean cover.

From $196

JAY Basic Wheelchair Cushion

Basic Cushion

The JAY Basic cushion is a soft, mildly contoured durable foam base designed for the client at very low risk of skin breakdown who requires mild stability.

From $116

JAY Lite Wheelchair Cushion

Lite Cushion

The JAY Lite is an extremely lightweight foam wheelchair cushion that provides superior pressure distribution as well as heat and moisture dissipation.

From $680

JAY Duo Wheelchair Cushion

Duo™ Cushion

The JAY Duo wheelchair cushion features an integrated, contoured solid seat pan with a soft foam and fluid seat cushion.

From $581

JAY GS Wheelchair Cushion

GS Cushion

The JAY GS wheelchair cushion offers the unique ability to grow with the client while maintaining proper support.

From $869

JAY J2 Plus Wheelchair Cushion

J2™ Plus Cushion

The JAY J2 Plus is a pre-contoured foam bariatric wheelchair cushion that offers a weight capacity of 650 pounds.

From $932