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Transitions Threshold Ramps

EZ-Access Transitions Threshold Ramps and Mats include the Modular Entry Ramp, Angled Entry Ramp, Rubber Angled Entry Mat and the Rubber Modular Entry Mat.

Transitions Threshold Ramps by EZ Access

Modular Entry Threshold Ramp

The EZ-ACCESS Transitions line of door threshold ramps and mats that provide sturdy support and a smooth transition.

From $94

Angled Entry Ramp by EZ-Access

Angled Entry Ramp

Transitions Angled Entry Ramp is portable, stand-alone threshold ramp that features independently adjustable legs with swivel feet

From $184

Rubber Angled Entry Mat by EZ Access

Rubber Angled Entry Mat

Transitions Rubber Angled Entry Mat is accommodating for doorways inside and outside!

From $246

Rubber Modular Entry Ramps by EZ Access

Rubber Modular Entry Mat

The Rubber Modular Entry Mat is a portable rubber threshold that can be easily trimmed to fit various entryway heights!