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Maneuverability in Manual Wheelchairs - What Fork to Use?


There are many factors that influence the maneuverability of manual wheelchairs and I previously have written articles on many of these factors.  Past articles have been written about rolling resistance, overall weight, centre of gravity and weight distribution between the front casters and rear wheels, caster housing position, rear wheel camber, and rear wheel position in standard wheelchairs.  All of these articles are available on Clinical Corner and can be found by using the Search feature in the upper right corner or looking through the tag cloud in the lower right. This month, I would like to focus on one simple choice that affects turning efficiency and performance and that is the choice of the fork in a custom, adjustable folding wheelchair.


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Front Caster Position in Manual Wheelchairs


In a previous article, I wrote about the position of the rear wheels of a manual wheelchair and its effects on centre of gravity and weight distribution between the front casters and rear wheels.  This month, let’s focus on how the position of the front casters effects the load distribution between the rear wheels and front casters.


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Considering Wheelchair Configuration for Skin Protection


​Well, if you have been following this series, you will know that I have written about different aspects of wheelchair cushions, such as the material, design, and cushion cover, and how these may affect skin protection for a person using the cushion. You will also know that I have said that no one cushion will work best for all people. This month, I would like to write a reminder for everyone to consider wheelchair configuration and how this may influence the effectiveness of the cushion in providing skin protection.


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Selecting a Cushion Based on Assessment Findings

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