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More on Seating and Mobility Assessments


In September, I wrote about Best Practices in Seating and Mobility Assessments. If you missed that article, click here.

This month, we will take a more detailed look at the information that should be gathered during the seating and mobility assessment. It must be remembered that the assessment is just one step in the overall process of wheelchair provision.1 A future article of Clinical Corner will address the additional steps identified in the Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Techology Society of North America (RESNA) Wheelchair Services Provision Guide.


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Best Practices in Seating and Mobility Assessments


Conducting a thorough assessment is vital to ensuring an optimal seating and mobility prescription for a client, but what are the best practices in seating and mobility evaluations? A study conducted by Mary Isaacson, EdD, OTR/L, ATP, published in Assistive Technology, sought to answer that question.1


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Seating and Mobility Considerations for Individuals who are Bariatric - Part 2: Assessment and Seating


Last month, we started a discussion on seating and mobility considerations for individuals who are bariatric.  I wrote about body shape and that it is a person’s unique shape and weight distribution that must be evaluated when assessing for seating and mobility.  (If you missed last month’s article, click here for Part 1.)   Let’s continue the discussion.


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Selecting a Cushion Based on Assessment Findings

Bariatric Measurement Chart

Measurement Chart

Seating Assessment Form

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