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Tracey Ferguson

Basketball Player

"Find the positive in every situation!"

I have been using a Quickie chair since I was 12 years old. I have tried others, but always come back to what I know works, providing me the best option for getting around and being me!

When I started playing wheelchair basketball at 12 years old, I was really lucky to have great teammates to learn with and two of the best coaches I could have ever asked for in Joe Millage and Stephen Bialowas. They helped me discover what was possible in sport and helped me bring out an internal determination to go after my dreams.

I graduated from the University of Illinois after studying Kinesiology with a minor in Chemistry.  While there I played basketball and raced for the Fighting Illini.

I have a mixed breed rescue dog named Koda, who is truly awesome. We go for a run of a couple of kilometers every day; me in my Q7 and Koda usually lagging a bit behind but some days he surprises me with a fast run!
Two things I still have to do:

1. Visit Cape Town, South Africa to see the Great White Sharks at Seal Island and maybe even a cage dive with the sharks too!
2. Get my pilot's licence

Tracey Ferguson's Passion:

My passion is challenging myself and testing the limits of what is possible both on the court, in the gym and in life! There are no limits.... sometimes it requires being creative and improvising alternative solutions but when goals are achieved, it is always worth the trials, tribulations and struggle to get there.

Tracey Ferguson's Dream:

My dream is to be content. It sounds simple and is. What makes me content? An exhausting but satisfying workout, time with family and friends, a sunny day at the beach with my dog, a great basketball game - knowing that everyone played their hearts out.


Tracey Ferguson Uses...

QUICKIE Quickie 7 Series Rigid Wheelchair

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