Switch-It offers many options for proportional joysticks. Clients who have very limited range of movement and/or strength can benefit from the proportional zero-throw, force-based MicroPilot. Whether mounted at the end of the armrest on a midline mount or as a chin control, the VersaGuide and VersaGuide EZ offer clients full control in compact form.

Switch-It MicroGuide


The Switch-It MicroGuide is a light-touch proportional power wheelchair drive control: the farther you push, the faster the chair will go.

Switch-It MicroPilot


The Switch-It MicroPilot is a proportional drive power wheelchair control. Sensitivity adjustments allow control to be fine-tuned to each individual.

Switch-It VersaGuide


A fully proportional and durable compact joystick that can be mounted virtually anywhere. Its unlimited mounting options give the versatile VersaGuide its name.

Switch-It VersaGuide EZ

VersaGuide EZ

The VersaGuide EZ is a fully proportional and durable compact joystick. The VersaGuide EZ requires half the activating force of the normal VersaGuide.