RGK Made-to-Measure Wheelchairs

Founded in 1988, RGK Wheelchairs manufactures made-to-measure sport & everyday wheelchairs. Every RGK chair is built to suit the unique requirements & individuality of its rider. The highest quality materials are used to offer the lightest wheelchairs on the market. Our team of RGK Geniuses are committed to working with you and your team to create your perfect chair.

RGK Octane Sub4 Ultra Lightweight Rigid Wheelchair

Octane Sub4Rigid Wheelchair

Guaranteed to weigh less than 8.8 lbs., the RGK Octane Sub4 delivers uncompromised rigid wheelchair performance.

From $12993

RGK Octane FX Folding Rigid Wheelchair

Octane FXFolding Rigid Wheelchair

The RGK Octane FX is a rigid wheelchair that folds compactly for high performance travelers.

From $13488

RGK Veypr Sub4

Veypr Sub4Rigid Wheelchair

The RGK Veypr Sub4 offers optimum posture, comfort, and performance. Its carbon fibre frame is 10% lighter than the RGK Octane Sub4, and each frame is made to order.

From $21662

RGK Tiga Series Ultra Lightweight Rigid Wheelchair

Tiga SeriesRigid Wheelchair

The RGK Tiga's sleek and modern design is ideal for ease of use. With its lightweight frame and great maneuverability, this wheelchair is great for anyone's routine!

From $7348

HiLite Manual Wheelchair by RGK

HiLiteRigid Wheelchair

Clean frame design provides the RGK HiLite with a classic and elegant look.

From $6557

RGK Elite Series Basketball Wheelchair

Elite SeriesSports Wheelchair

The RGK Elite is the sports chair of choice for professional wheelchair basketball athletes, made to your exact measurements.

From $7520

RGK AllCourt Lightweight Sports Wheelchair

AllCourtSports Wheelchair

The RGK AllCourt features a lightweight, adjustable, high-performance wheelchair frame built for maneuverability and power on the basketball court.

From $5018

RGK GrandSlam Series Tennis Wheelchair

GrandSlam SeriesSports Wheelchair

The RGK GrandSlam is the tennis wheelchair of choice for world-class athletes, made to your precise measurements.

From $7520

RGK Match Point Lightweight Sports Wheelchair

Match PointSports Wheelchair

This tennis sports wheelchair was designed for agility and control. The lightweight frame is made-to-order and can be adjusted to maximize your game.

From $5018

RGK Club Sport Multi-Sport Wheelchair

Club SportSports Wheelchair

Adaptable and dependable, the RGK Club Sport is the perfect beginner's multi-sport wheelchair.

From $3282