Manual Wheelchairs / QUICKIE / Folding Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs

Folding Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs

Choose a QUICKIE folding lightweight wheelchair if you have changing needs or if you are looking for a portable option and folding frames collapse for easy transport and they are highly adjustable, ultra lightweight, and offer our broadest range of options.

Quickie Xenon² Lightweight Folding Wheelchair

Xenon² SeriesFolding Wheelchair

The lightest folding wheelchair in its class.

From $4393

QUICKIE 2 Manual Folding Lightweight Wheelchair

Quickie 2 FamilyFolding Wheelchair

One size doesn't fit all, but one chair does.

From $3197

QUICKIE QX Lightweight Folding Wheelchair

QX®Folding Wheelchair

Innovation, durability and adjustability in an ultra-lightweight value package.

From $1982

QUICKIE QXi Lightweight Folding Wheelchair

QXi®Folding Wheelchair

Lightweight folding adjustable wheelchair. Durable with quick and intuitive adjustments

From $2677

QUICKIE M6 Heavy Duty Wheelchair

M6®Folding Wheelchair

Bariatric personalized folding wheelchair to meet the need for a reinforced frame. Heavy duty performance for everyday use.

From $4740