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Lower Body Positioning

JAY lower body positioning includes foot boxes and shoe holders, which are designed to support the feet, ankles, and even calves. When your feet are positioned properly, it can help reduce pressure on other areas of the body, including under the pelvis. Pair with your JAY cushion, back, or seating system to maximize the effectiveness of your seating solution.

Need some extra tweaks to your foot box to get just the right fit? JAY Your Way has you covered.

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JAY Foot Boxes

JAY Foot Boxes

JAY Wheelchair Foot Boxes are designed to protect the feet, ankles, and calves from injury and skin breakdown resulting from periods of high tone.

From $533

JAY Wheelchair Shoe Holders

Wheelchair Shoe Holders

JAY Wheelchair Shoe Holders help improve overall positioning by providing support of the feet, heels, and ankles.

From $113