Active ultra-lightweight and lightweight wheelchairs to empower you to live without limits.
QUICKIE All Court Sports Wheelchair

All Court

Push your game to its limits with the Quickie All court.
Unparalleled lightweight sport wheelchair performance.

From $4055

QUICKIE Q7 Rigid Manual Lightweight Wheelchair


Even stronger, still the lightest wheelchair

From $4247

QUICKIE QXi Lightweight Folding Wheelchair


Lightweight folding adjustable wheelchair. Durable with quick and intuitive adjustments

From $2508

QUICKIE Match Point Sports Wheelchair

Match Point

The Quickie Match Point is a rigid sport chair trusted by athletes for years.

From $4055

QUICKIE M6 Heavy Duty Wheelchair


Bariatric personalized folding wheelchair to meet the need for a reinforced frame. Heavy duty performance for everyday use.

From $4440

QUICKIE QX Lightweight Folding Wheelchair


Innovation, durability and adjustability in an ultra-lightweight value package.

From $1857

Quickie Attitude Add-On Hand Bike

AttitudeHand Bike

Experience freedom!

From $5299

Quickie Xenon² Lightweight Folding Wheelchair

Xenon² SeriesFolding Wheelchair

The lightest folding wheelchair in its class.

From $4115

QUICKIE 5R Manual Rigid Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair


Highly adjustable wheelchair to elevate your mobility

From $3715

QUICKIE Xtender Manual Power Assist


Go that xtra mile!

From $8694

QUICKIE 2 Manual Folding Lightweight Wheelchair

Quickie 2 FamilyFolding Wheelchair

One size doesn't fit all, but one chair does.

From $2995

QUICKIE 7R and 7RS Rigid Manual Lightweight Wheelchair

Quickie 7 Series

QUICKIE 7R and 7RS: designed to move with you

From $4262

QUICKIE QRi Manual Rigid Lightweight Wheelchair


No-nonsense wheelchair for your daily journeys. This lightweight wheelchair will offer great value

From $2781

QUICKIE GP Lightweight Rigid Frame Wheelchair

GP Series

Cruise in a classic Quickie wheelchair

From $2610

QUICKIE Iris Tilt-in-Space Manual Wheelchair


The superior standard for rotation-in-space wheelchair technology

From $4542

QUICKIE® SR45 Manual Tilt Wheelchair


The simple solution for
rotation-in-space wheelchair technology

From $3115

QUICKIE LXi Adult Manual Folding Wheelchair


Versatile lightweight folding wheelchair. A durable, quality manual mobility device.

From $2440