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Modular Wheelchair Backs

Spex wheelchair back supports offer a modular approach that is adaptable in shape, angles, contours and comfort to suit many different wheelchair users. Exceptional seating results from correct biomechanical angles due to the large range of hardware options and patented contouring design system to change the contours of the seating surfaces.

JAY Spex Comfi Back

Spex Comfi BackWheelchair Back

A simplistic and affordable solution to basic contouring needs, designed to counter skin breakdown and increase air flow.

From $2488

JAY Spex Standard Back

Spex Standard BackWheelchair Back

Easily solve upper torso needs for most wheelchair users and perform on-the-spot modifications for torso comfort and asymmetry needs.

From $2759

JAY Spex SuperShape Back

Spex SuperShape BackWheelchair Back

Extra supportive back support, with shape technology to provide postural integrity, pressure relief and comfort for those with more complex postural needs.

From $3603