Concord, March 5th -
Sunrise Medical© is pleased to introduce the SPEX® Products to its existing JAY™ Seating line. The addition of 3 wheelchair backs: Comfi Back®, Spex Back® Support and SuperShape Back® with the addition of 2 cushions: Spex High Profile® and SuperHigh Profile®, will make Jay™ Seating the choice in rehab seating more than ever.
Spex is a proven clinical seating system offering a modular approach that is adaptable in shape, angles, contours and comfort to suit many different wheelchair users.
First in Canada
Medifab© manufactures the Spex® line in New Zealand, and has been in business for over 25 years. The company is excited to offer the Spex® Seating Products to all Canadians who an benefit from them. 
“Medifab© is delighted to work with Sunrise Medical Canada for distribution of Medifab’s premium Spex® Seating range. After in-depth evaluation of the demand landscape for seating products, it was ascertained that Medifab’s Spex® Seating complemented Sunrise’s Jay Seating. The Jay product is well suited to the active user and general seating market with some overlap into the complex rehabilitation market, and Spex® is well suited to CRT, with some overlap back into the active user market. As a result of this collaboration, Sunrise Medical© customers in Canada can expect a wider range of product offering with precisely tailored seating solutions for their specific needs, wants and aspirations. Likewise, customers in New Zealand can expect the same from Medifab©, who now offer the Jay® Seating range alongside their Spex® Seating for the same reasons. Medifab© is passionate about ‘Shaping Better Lives’ and the range of options and channel to market has expanded through these initiatives in both countries.” Says Roger Mascull, CEO Medifab Ltd.
Adjustable modular wheelchair seating for shape changes on-the-spot, the SPEX® line is designed to accommodate changing patients’ needs. From the current posture, moving through time, we can meet the future needs of individuals by adjusting the modular seating with the same system instead of buy new products. The possibilities are endless.
To learn more about the new Spex® Line by JAY® in Canada, please visit www.sunrisemedical.ca .
About Sunrise Medical©: A world leader in the development, design, manufacture and distribution of manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, motorized scooters and both standard and modified seating and positioning systems, Sunrise Medical© manufactures products in their own facilities in the United States, Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, China, Holland, Poland, Norway and Canada. Sunrise Medical’s key products, marketed under the Quickie®, Sopur®, Zippie®, Breezy®, RGK®, Sterling®, JAY, Whitmyer®, Switch-It®, Fortress® and Gemino® proprietary brands, are sold through a network of homecare medical product dealers or distributors in more than 130 countries. The company is headquartered in Malsch, Germany, with North American headquarters in Fresno, Calif., and employs more than 2,000 associates worldwide.

For additional information, please contact Dominique Sedlezky; dominique.sedlezky@sunmed.com

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