Malsch, Germany | October 2, 2023

Sunrise Medical, a world leader in advanced assistive mobility solutions, is pleased to announce its strategic acquisition of Ride Designs, a renowned industry leader in premium custom seating systems for wheelchair riders. This acquisition marks a significant expansion of Sunrise Medical's custom seating offerings, clinical expertise, and service capabilities, perfectly complementing the extensive range of manual and powered mobility products Sunrise Medical already offers.

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Denver, USA, Ride Designs has built its reputation as an industry leader in designing and delivering highly specialized seating systems for wheelchair riders. In recent years, Ride Designs has also been successfully developing, implementing, and optimizing the advanced 3D printing technologies for mass production of such highly customized products.

The company has thrived by adhering to a set of core principles backed by the in-depth expertise of its founders Tom Hetzel and Joe Bieganek, and the heritage from the prosthetics and orthotics industry, which include direct rider engagement through the Aspen Seating Clinic. In addition, the portfolio of Ride Designs benefits from evidence-based product and technology development supported by broad collaborations and research with reputable institutions and universities. This ensures that the company's leading-edge innovations are always well integrated with user centric approach and science backed data. The unique market reach of Ride Designs, through extensive clinical education and certification of skilled complex rehabilitation technology clinicians and providers, also demonstrates a steadfast commitment to clinically differentiated solutions that are optimized to personalized customer care.

Thomas Babacan, President and CEO of Sunrise medical, stated: "We are very excited to welcome Ride Designs into the Sunrise Medical family. We firmly believe that this acquisition has high strategic importance and offers mutual benefits for both parties. By joining forces with Ride Designs, Sunrise Medical adds a high-end custom seating offering to our Seating and Positioning product portfolio. The acquisition not only addresses and significantly expands the broadest spectrum of seating and positioning requirements for wheelchair riders worldwide, but also brings highly valuable clinical expertise and advanced 3D printing technologies and competences into the Sunrise Medical group. Together with Ride's seasoned management team and highly skilled workforce, Sunrise Medical now has an unrivaled product range, clinical expertise, and operational competences to offer the best suited seating solutions to all wheelchair riders. This optimizes their mobility in terms of clinical functionality, comfort, posture, and skin integrity."

Tom Hetzel, CEO and Co-Founder of Ride Designs, commented: "We are thrilled to become part of the Sunrise Medical group. Ride Designs has always been dedicated to helping wheelchair riders achieve the best possible fit to enhance their quality of life. This aligns seamlessly with Sunrise Medical's mission of improving people's lives."

He continued, "Ride Designs and the Aspen Seating Clinic have long been pioneers in specialized seating development. We are especially proud of our latest 3D printing manufacturing capabilities. We are very passionate to bring our advanced, clinically differentiated solutions to as many riders as possible. The strengths of the two companies complement each other very well. Sunrise Medical's existing comprehensive mobility offering, global sales networks, business resources, and infrastructure will significantly accelerate Ride's global outreach and expansion. We are committed to providing uncompromising solutions to address skin and postural challenges, and we believe that Sunrise Medical is our strongest partner in achieving our mission."

Ride Designs adds to Sunrise Medical's strong track record in M&A which is a key pillar in its business strategy. Recent successful strategic acquisitions in 2022 include The Helping Hand Company, a UK-based company specializing in pressure management and pediatric products, and Budapest-headquartered NOW Technologies, a technological research and development company focusing on digital and software innovations of wheelchair control systems. In 2020, Sunrise Medical also acquires James Leckey Design, along with its subsidiaries Firefly Friends and Vida Global, a global leader in specialized pediatric therapeutic devices, as well as Oracing, a Spanish designer and manufacturer of innovative made-to-measure sports wheelchairs and power assist products. With the Ride Designs acquisition, Sunrise Medical and Ride Designs are set to revolutionize the world of custom seating and further empower wheelchair riders to live their lives to the fullest.

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About Ride Designs: Sharing in that commitment to improving people's lives, Ride is committed to creating wheelchair seating systems that help protect skin, enhance mobility, improve function, and optimize posture. Ride Designs hosts the Aspen Seating Clinic at our Denver, Colorado headquarters where world class athletes and Paralympians, as well as the most discerning of wheelchair riders, come for seating solutions. With its beginnings in 1998, Ride Designs has expanded its presence across North America and beyond.

About Sunrise Medical: Committed to improving people's lives, Sunrise Medical is a world leader in the development, design, manufacturing, and distribution of innovative, high-quality assistive mobility devices and services. Distributed in more than 130 countries under its own 18 proprietary brands, the key products include manual and power wheelchairs, power assist products, pediatric and geriatric therapeutic devices, mobility scooters, daily living aids, and more. Operating in 23 countries, Sunrise Medical Group is headquartered in Malsch, Germany and employs over 2,800 associates worldwide.