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Many of you who read our Clinical Corner newsletter also attend our monthly Cyber Series of webinars. For those of you who attend our clinical webinars and for those of you who are interested in attending our webinars, I've got some exciting news!

Cyber Series is entering its 10th year! 10 seasons of webinars on the clinical aspects of seating and mobility and related topics. I never envisioned this when I started the webinar series 9 years ago! Back then, the webinar series was in response to a request I received from a therapist who was unable to attend our monthly in-person Wheelchair Wednesday Lunch and Learns due to distance. The therapist asked for a way to attend our education sessions virtually. Our Canadian Cyber Series was born and has grown from being offered one day and time monthly to four different live sessions held on 3 different days per month. I am grateful that despite hearing about fatigue of virtual education arising from pandemic precautions, we have continued to have strong participation in our webinars. Thank you, everyone!

As we enter our 10th season, it's time to reflect on how we can continue to provide quality education to meet the needs of therapists, therapist assistants, vendors, and funders. I'm pleased to tell you that our Cyber Series will now be North American! Our webinars will be offered in Canada and the United States. I've been working with my fellow clinical educators at Sunrise Medical in the US to expand the reach of our webinars and to bring more voices to our clinical webinars. 'My colleagues Jessica Presperin Pedersen and Sarah Leonard also will present topics in the Cyber Series. I'm really excited to be working with these two extremely knowledgeable therapists to bring fresh content and perspectives to the webinar series. (If you want to read more about Jessica and Sarah, click here to read their bios.)

More news about the Cyber Series is that we will be releasing the webinar topics quarterly, rather than the full 9-month calendar in advance. This allows us to be more responsive to your needs when you tell us that you want to learn more about a particular topic. We will be better able to introduce new topics within the year, rather than waiting for a fresh annual calendar of topics. Our next flyer will be released in September!

Lastly, some of you have been asking for CEU-certified education. Our clinical webinars will be CEU-certified to meet those needs! We will continue to offer Certificates of Attendance for those of you who do not need CEUs

I'm excited about the changes that are happening with the Cyber Series. I hope you will join me in welcoming Jessica and Sarah to our webinars!

Please send your comments, questions, and suggestions for Clinical Corner topics to Sheilagh Sherman, OT Reg. (Ont.) at Thank you!

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