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Education in Motion and Clinical Corner Catalogue

If you follow Clinical Corner, you will notice that the article in October often is a little different than usual. October marks another anniversary with Sunrise Medical for me. It is 9 years now! October also marks Occupational Therapy month nationally. What better way to celebrate both than with a focus on clinical resources available on the Sunrise Medical website. In addition, this article will look back at Clinical Corner with a catalogue of Clinical Corner articles for ease of reference. You may want to Bookmark this page!

You may have noticed something different on our website – Education in Motion! Education in Motion is a collaboration of Sunrise Medical's Global Clinical Committee. This portion of our website is a clinical resource for therapists and vendors who work in seating and mobility. It can be accessed directly at

When you come to this page, you will see that this is the new home of my Clinical Corner articles. You can still type into your web browser to come directly to Clinical Corner – our Canadian clinical blog – or visit Clinical Corner from the homepage of Education in Motion. More on Clinical Corner later in this article.

Education in Motion also contains blog articles which are written by the various team members on the Global Clinical Committee at Sunrise Medical. New topics are added regularly. Education in Motion contains other resources, such as case stories, helpful links to Clinical Practice Guidelines and literature from other websites, and resources developed and updated by the clinical educators at Sunrise Medical globally. We continue to collaborate to update and create additional resources for clinicians working in seating and mobility. Finally, Canadian in-person clinical education and webinars are listed in the Course List also found from the homepage of Education in Motion.

Clinical Corner Catalogue

In 2016, Clinical Corner celebrated its 5-year anniversary. I wrote a blog article that catalogued the various articles written and provided direct links to each of the articles for ease of access. Since it has been over 3 years since the last catalogue was provided, and since Clinical Corner is now under the Education in Motion umbrella, I thought it would be a good opportunity to revisit past Clinical Corner titles and provide an update of the blog articles that are available.

The main topic areas in which I have written include: Assessment and Wheelchair Provision, Seating, Skin Protection, Positioning, Manual Mobility, Power Mobility, Preventing Sliding, Considerations for Individuals who are Bariatric, Transit Standards, Sports, Outcome Measures, and Education. Let's take a look at the article titles that are under each main topic area as a reminder of all of the articles available on Clinical Corner. Click on the title for a direct link to the article. (While some articles could be listed under more than one heading, for brevity I have listed each article title only once according to the main focus of the article.)

Assessment and Wheelchair Provision


Skin Protection


Manual Mobility

Power Mobility

Preventing Sliding

Considerations for Individuals who are Bariatric

Transit Standards


Outcome Measures

Education and Other Topics

This month's Clinical Corner article has provided a review of clinical resources available on the Sunrise Medical website. I hope you find it useful!

As always, please provide your comments, questions and suggestions regarding Clinical Corner. Please email me at I look forward to hearing from you!

Sheilagh Sherman, BA, BHScOT, MHM, OT Reg. (Ont.)
Clinical Education Manager
Sunrise Medical Canada

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