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Gemino 30 Walker

Gain extra support and stability with its fully adjustable forearm supports.

Extra support and stability.

If you need extra support when walking, the Gemino 30 Walker is the perfect choice for you. This lightweight rollator is fitted with fully adjustable forearm supports, enabling you to walk comfortably and securely.

The integrated push handles and brakes are easy to reach and very light to operate. Combining the benefits of the Gemino 30 with enhanced support and stability makes the Gemino 30 Walker idea for physical therapy.

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Gemino 30 Walker Rollator
Forearm Supports for Enhanced Stability and Safety

Forearm Supports for Enhanced Stability and Safety

This lightweight rollator is fitted with adjustable forearm supports. You can easily adjust the height, depth and angle of the arm supports to suit your needs. The brake and push handles are fully integrated into the forearm supports - easy to reach and light to operate. For comfortable and safe walking.
Perfect for Gait Training During Rehabilitation

Perfect for Gait Training During Rehabilitation

The Gemino 30 Walker is the perfect companion for gait training during rehabilitation. The ergonomically designed adjustable arm supports on this ‘medical walker’ give you the extra stability and safety you need. And at the same time help relief your joints.
Award-Winning Design

Award-Winning Design

The Gemino 30 Walker comes in 2 frame sizes (30 and 30 M) and offers you all the benefits of our award-winning Gemino 30 rollator. 100% comfort, safety and design. With a wide range of practical accessories to make everyday life easier.
Product Width:24"
Product Height:30: 39" - 44"
30 M: 33" - 39"
Product Length:26"
Folded Width:14"
Folded Height:30: 38"
30 M: 35"
Folded Length:26"
Seat Height:30: 24"
30 M: 22"
Turning Radius:33"
Width Between Push Handles:10"
Product Information
Starting Retail Price:$1,300
Recommended User Height:30: 4'11" - 6'7"
30 M:4'5" - 5'7"

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.


Warranty coverage for this product may vary from one province to another depending on funding requirements. Please contact your dealer for more details.