Go together. Grow together!

Go together. Grow together!

The ZIPPIE Voyage® early intervention device combines the convenience of a quick-folding lightweight stroller frame with incredibly versatile seating and positioning, giving more options to support growing babies and their caregivers.

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ZIPPIE Voyage Special Needs Stroller


The Zippie Voyage® is a lightweight highly adjustable early intervention stroller. In addition to adjustable tilt and recline, the Voyage also features adjustable head supports, upper body supports and positioning straps. Watch this video to learn more.
Easy to Use

Easy to Use

  1. Canopy with Mesh Window
    Keep baby shaded during the day, and open the mesh window to check in.
  2. Angle-Adjustable Stroller Handle
    One-handed steering that adjusts to varying caregiver heights.
  3. Quick-Adjust Tilt
    Effortlessly tilt forward or rearward for positioning needs.
  4. Reversible Seating
    Easily place the seat facing towards the caregiver, or let baby face outward to interact with their environment.
  5. Transit Approved
    The Voyage has been crash tested and is approved for occupied transit in a motor vehicle.*
  6. Carry-All Storage Basket
    Store up to 15 lbs. of essentials.
  7. Foot-Operated Wheel Locks
    Hands free! Easily lock wheels in place with your foot.
  8. Airless Wheels
    Flat tires are a thing of the past with airless wheels.
  9. Swivel Front Wheels with Suspension and Lock-Out
    Maneuver around obstacles with confidence, knowing baby is comfortable and secure. Lock-out the front wheels for smooth tracking during longer strolls.
Folding Mechanism

Folding Mechanism

The new folding mechanism is so simple to use, getting the Voyage in and out is as easy as 1, 2, 3! The new folding levers are conveniently positioned for better access, making folding a breeze.
Reversible Seat with Tilt and Recline

Reversible Seat with Tilt and Recline

  • Rearward (Posterior) Tilt & Recline
    Improves positioning to assist with feeding, digestion, respiratory function, and visual orientation. Posterior tilt range of 0° to -30°.
  • Forward (Anterior) Tilt
    Assists with positioning to encourage healthy development such as bringing hands to the mouth, reaching for objects, or engaging in activities. Anterior tilt range of 0° to +5°.
  • Height- & Angle-Adjustable Footrest
    Grows with your child and adjusts for various needs throughout the day.
Versatile Seating with Built-in Growth

Versatile Seating with Built-in Growth

When it comes to seating, our number one priority is positioning your child for healthy growth and development.

Voyage Moderate Seating (VMS)
Designed for children with mild to moderate positioning needs. Offers soft, adjustable components and polka-dot upholstery with colored accents.

Voyage Advanced Seating (VAS)
Designed for children with moderate to advanced positioning needs (pictured left, blue canopy). Offers an extensive selection of seat options & adjustable components, and black stretch upholstery with colored piping.

Functional Accessories

Functional Accessories

The ZIPPIE Voyage is available with options designed to make daily tasks a breeze.

  • JCM Base (pictured right)
  • Folding booster base
  • Support tray
  • Grab bar
  • Utility hook
  • Cup holder
  • Front-mount utility platform
  • Battery, vent, or utility tray
  • Rear accessory platform
  • LTV/Trilogy ventilator hardware
  • O2 cylinder holder
  • IV support pole
Product Width:24"
Seat Width:VAS: 6" to 13"
VMS: 9.5" to 12"
Seat Depth:VAS: 5" to 13"
VMS: 8" to 13"
Tilt Range:35° (5° to -30°)
Back Height:VAS Short: 7" to 13"
VAS Tall: 10" to 17"
VMS: 16" to 24" (includes head support)
Back Angle Adjustment:VAS: 85° to 140°
VMS: 90° to 180°
Frame Angle:VAS: -90° to 100°
VMS: 0° to 90°
Shipping Dimensions:33" L x 29“ H x 26“ W
Product Information
Model Number:EIZ16
Starting Retail Price:$3,560
Frame Type:Early Intervention Device
Frame Material:Aluminum
User Weight Capacity:75 lbs.
Product Weight:Base with slide and lock: 28 lbs.
Average Shipping Weight:40 - 60 lbs.

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.


Warranty coverage for this product may vary from one province to another depending on funding requirements. Please contact your dealer for more details.