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Mid-Wheel Drive All-Terrain Power Wheelchairs

From driving through the soft sands of beaches and climbing rugged mountain ranges, to dominating muddy farmyards, Magic Mobility's all-terrain power wheelchairs enable you to experience the freedom and adventure that comes with a go-anywhere, all-terrain power wheelchair.
MAGIC MOBILITY Frontier V6 Mid-Wheel Power Wheelchairs

Magic Mobility Frontier V6All-Terrain Power Wheelchair

For ultimate indoor-outdoor freedom.  An engineering beauty that adapts to any environment.  The Frontier V6 All Terrain is the ideal outdoor powered wheelchair, yet its size makes it a capable indoor performer. The Magic Mobility Frontier V6 All-Terrain mid-wheel drive powered wheelchair provides tremendous off road and curb climbing capability. The low pressure tires provide a smoother ride and give the wheelchair increased climbing ability. This powered wheelchair will impress those who prefer the track to the tarmac!

From $20780

  • Intuitive mid-wheel drive layout