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J3® Back with HV Technology

Redefine your standard in seating with microclimate control

Skin temperature is important to your well-being and could help avoid skin breakdown, yet is often difficult to manage. By seamlessly combining the proven comfort and reliability of the JAY J3 Back with heating/ventilation (HV) technology, you are able to be more comfortable. In either cold or warm weather, you are ready to tackle any day.

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Options and Prices
JAY HV Technology Back
Exceptional Comfort

Exceptional Comfort

The patented internal thermal technology provides exceptional comfort and may help those who have difficulty regulating their own body temperature. Evaporative cooling helps to dissipate moisture on your skin and keeps you feeling refreshed. The heating system warms throughout the back, allowing you to fully enjoy those cold winter days.
JAY Cover Technology

JAY Cover Technology

The J3 HV Back cover optimizes airflow through the use of specialized fabrics and specially designed vents. The porous 3DX Spacer Fabric promotes airflow through the cushion to the HV insert. The Lycra® top surface is a quick drying fabric that helps to reduce heat and moisture buildup.


HV Technology is engineered with your safety in mind to work in all environments. The technology comes from our partnership with a company offering years of experience in the automotive industry. Sunrise Medical has then combined that technology with rigorous wheelchair industry testing standards. The results are the J3 HV wheelchair back, a perfect fit for your lifestyle. Additionally, the heating system is equipped with an automatic shutoff so you can feel warm and secure.
Easy to Use and Enjoy

Easy to Use and Enjoy

Too hot? Simply flip the switch to illuminate the blue light for ventilation. Too cold? Flip the switch to illuminate the red light for heat.
Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable Battery

The HV Technology insert is powered by a rechargeable battery that works for eight hours of continued use from a full charge. The standalone battery charger makes power-up easy and convenient. When charging is complete, the battery pack is concealed in a discreet pocket on the rear of the back shell. For more detailed information on the battery, please consult the owner's manual.
Product Information
J3 Backrest PA: E2613
J3 Backrest PL: E2615
J3 Backrest PD: E2620
Starting Retail Price:$1,814
Product Height:Mid Thoracic Medium: 13.5"
Shoulder Height Standard: 21"
Product Width:16"
Product Weight:4.8 lbs. and up (without hardware)
User Weight Capacity:16" - 20" widths: 300 lbs.
Product Options
Hardware Options:SH
Hardware Angle Adjustability:20°
Hardware Width Adjustability:+2"
Frame Tubing Compatibility:¾" to 1⅛"
Headrest Mount Available:Yes
Lateral Contour Support:PA: 2.2"
PL: 3"
PD: 6"
Insert:1.5" Soft Foam
Outer Cover:Microclimatic with 3DX™ Spacer Fabric
Lycra® Stretch Outer Layer
Optional Positioning Accessories:Spine Aline Poster Conforming Inserts
Lateral Thoracic Pads
Chest Straps/Harnesses
Whitmyer® Head Supports
JAY Your Way Modifications Available:Yes

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.


Warranty coverage for this product may vary from one province to another depending on funding requirements.  Please contact your dealer for more details.