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Early Activity Seat

Colourful, comfortable, supportive activity system for children aged 0-48 months.

The Leckey Early Activity System is a modular floor-based early intervention postural support mat that consists of a number of soft, bright rolls, wedges, straps, and supports. It's designed to be used in combination with the Leckey-developed Activity Development Program to enhance the development of babies and young adults.

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LECKEY Early Activity Seat
Playtime Positioning

Playtime Positioning

Playtime is an integral part of early childhood development. The Leckey Early Activity System gives children the gift of play while their individual postural needs are met through Leckey's innovative support system.

The Early Activity System focuses on five positions to encourage muscle and bone development: supine, prone, side lying, upright, and four-point kneeling. Designed to enhance the infant's ability to play, grow, and learn.

Optional headrests and additional side support allows this early interventional postural support system to be truly individualized for a child's postural support needs by providing integral support to assist in the further development of the child.

Active Development Program

Active Development Program

The Leckey Early Activity System comes standard with an Activity Development Program which covers in detail the importance of early intervention for special care babies, offering guidance on the use of each of the elements available in the positioning system.

The wire-bound booklet dedicates sections that focus on the activities required for purposeful play to enhance the development of babies and young infants.

Easy for Bubs on the Move!

Easy for Bubs on the Move!

Fun and support are never far away for your child with the Leckey Early Activity System, which is designed for easy transport and can be easily packed into a specially designed duffel bag.

This early intervention postural support mat is easy to keep clean and maintain, with machine-washable and tumble-dry safe covers, allowing parents and carers to maintain a safe, clean, and fun environment for a child's playtime.

Designed to Enhance Development and Provide Support to Infants

Designed to Enhance Development and Provide Support to Infants

The Leckey Early Activity System supports infants and toddlers in the first few months of life, thereby promoting muscle development and coordination early on: lying on the back, side, and abdomen; sitting; and later on all fours.

With the Early Activity System, your child is always securely positioned to provide the first steps of pediatric postural support - giving your child an active, fun playtime.

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