GP® SeriesRigid Wheelchair

Cruise in a classic Quickie wheelchair

As one of the first ultra lightweight rigid frame wheelchairs created over 25 years ago, the Quickie® GP® is a true original. After experiencing its durability and comfortable ride quality, you'll understand why once you pick a GP, you'll never need another manual wheelchair.

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Options and Prices
QUICKIE GP Lightweight Rigid Frame Wheelchair
The Ultimate Rigid Frame

The Ultimate Rigid Frame

With over 25 years of loyal users, the GP's hand-crafted box frame has stood the test of time. Its one piece construction exceeds Quickie's superior standard of quality and delivers an unmatched rigid feel.
Tapered and Swing-Away<br>Front Frame Options

Tapered and Swing-Away
Front Frame Options

The GP's multiple front frame options and angles give you the positioning you need without having to sacrifice a rigid frame. Choose between the standard GP, tapered GPV for increased maneuverability, or the GP Swing-Away for easy transfers and the option of elevating legrests.
Sports Performance

Sports Performance

The GP isn't just another everyday wheelchair - it will give you an edge in your next basketball or tennis game as well. The tapered GPV front frame, optional Quickie Performance wheels, and up to 12° of wheel camber add up to exceptional maneuverability on and off court.
Seat Width:
  • GP and GPV: 12" to 22"
  • GP Swing-Away: 12" to 20"
Seat Depth:12" to 22"
Front Seat-to-Floor Height:15.5 " to 23"
Rear Seat-to-Floor Height:14.5" to 20.5"
Tilt Range:N/A
Back Height:
  • Non-Folding: 8" to 20"
  • Folding: 11" to 20"
Back Angle Adjustment:-4° to 8°
Lower Leg Length Setting:N/A
Frame Angle:60°, 70°, 75°, 80°
Camber:0° to 11°
Center of Gravity (COG) Adjustment:0.5" to 3.5"
Shipping Dimensions:31" L x 24" H x 24" W
Product Information
Model Number:
  • GP/GPV: EIGP70
  • GP Swing-Away: EIGPSA
Starting Retail Price:GP/GPV: $2,786
GPSA: $3,385
Frame Type:
  • GP
  • GPV Tapered
  • GP Swing-Away
Frame Material:Aluminum
User Weight Capacity:
  • 250 lbs.
  • Built-4-Me: 350 lbs.
Product Weight:
  • GP: 23.75 lbs.
  • GPV: 23.6 lbs.
  • GP Swing-Away: 24.5 lbs.
Average Shipping Weight:50 lbs.

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.


Warranty coverage for this product may vary from one province to another depending on funding requirements. Please contact your dealer for more details.