Nitrum Rigid Wheelchair

Precision-engineered to turn your energy into motion so you can go further, faster, and for longer.

Elevate your ride to a whole new level! The QUICKIE Nitrum is engineered to efficiently convert your energy into motion, allowing you to propel with the least amount of effort.

QUICKIE's decades of experience developing high-end manual wheelchairs coupled with feedback from wheelchair users drove the design of the Nitrum. For active users who are looking for unmatched driving performance, innovative details, and a large variety of options, the Nitrum creates the perfect match for fit and performance.

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Options and Prices
QUICKIE Nitrum Ultra-Lightweight Rigid Wheelchair

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Choose Your Frame Type

Open Frame

Lightest Weight, Simplest Design

The lightest adjustable rigid aluminum wheelchair in its class. A minimalistic open frame design makes it easy to propel, transport, and stow.

Simplicity + Strength

Along with its super clean look, the Nitrum is suitable for users up to 275 lbs. and offers the full range of adjustability and options.

QUICKIE Nitrum open frame wheelchair

Hybrid Frame

Most Rigid, Still Lightweight

The Nitrum Hybrid offers a reinforced front frame without compromising its proven lightweight construction.

The dual tube design is suitable for users up to 300 lbs. and combines extraordinary stability with durable lightweight construction and full adjustability. This leads to an ultra-stiff frame design and an unrivaled rigid ride.

QUICKIE Nitrum Hybrid frame wheelchair

Active Rigid Option

During development of the Nitrum series, we made it our goal to optimize weight savings of each component and to achieve maximum rigidity. Nitrum Active Rigid Frames take this principle to the extreme.

Both chairs are based on the same lightweight construction as Nitrum and Nitrum Hybrid, but are characterized by the fixed welded backrest and axle stems which save even more weight, increase frame stiffness, and reduce moving parts.

A simple formula

Fewer moving parts means:

  • Less play
  • Less maintenance
  • Lower weight

Performance and style

We don't compromise; you shouldn't either.

  • Highly flexible and strong; your ideal sparring partner. Each chair is made by hand in California and is unique, just like you. Individually position your feet, lower leg, and pelvis in the best possible way for improved handling and efficient propulsion.

    • Three frame angles: 75°, 80°, 85°
    • Three frame insets: 0", 1", 2"
    • 89 seat width / seat depth combinations, up to 20"
    • Lower leg length selection
    • Two caster positions
  • Experience the lightest in its class: the QUICKIE Nitrum translates your energy into motion. When designing the lightest rigid wheelchair without compromising stability or load ability, several components must come together: innovative development, leading-edge technology, as well as high-end materials.

    The minimalistic open frame design is made of a special ovalized 7020 series aerospace aluminum that has been heat treated using ShapeLoc technology. Together with the hollow forged caster link tubes, we've minimized the total weight and therefore total energy expenditure needed for propulsion. Drive further and faster without getting tired.

  • With its striking design, smart details, and unbeatable performance, the Nitrum elevates your ride to a whole new level. We are convinced you deserve a wheelchair that meets your individual needs; a wheelchair that takes you further. This is why the Nitrum has greater configurability to help achieve your perfect fit.

Performance and style
Patented, adjustable caster system

Precision Control

Patented, adjustable caster system

Instead of several welded parts, we use a reinforced and patented caster mechanism in a single hollow-forged component. The fewest possible elements and no moving parts give you amazing driving performance. Ultra-lightweight yet strong and durable without compromising adjustability.

Caster position is optimized for handling, turning, and maximized propulsion efficiency. Casters may be positioned narrower for more maneuverability or wider for greater stability.


A unique twist to backrest folding.

Just grab the patented Twist-Lock bar with one hand and twist it to release, fold and load the chair into your car. With double-locking, you can use the same bar to lift it. It'll also lock without removing your sideguards or low-profile cushion.

The standard option is a release bar (push up to fold) for an ergonomic and quick release of the folding mechanism. You can also choose a lightweight version of the backrest and our proprietary, stylish Freestyle® backrest.

More Lifting Features

User-inspired innovations

All of our knowledge and user feedback influenced the development of Nitrum. Learn how the Nitrum makes your everyday life more limitless.

  • We've designed a better wheel lock in terms of function, strength, and even weight.

    • Redesigned housing controls play and improves durability
    • Enhanced wheel lock engagement
    • Transfer-friendly design
    • Available as direct mount, reducing weight an additional 6 ounces.
  • The QUICKIE Nitrum uses a specially processed 7020-series aerospace aluminum. Together with the new hollow forged caster link tubes, we minimize the total weight of the wheelchair. Therefore the open frame is easier to handle and transport in cars or other vehicles.

  • The Freestyle Back is all about freedom of movement. By providing a 360° range of upper body motion, you can freely twist and turn without catching your backrest posts.

  • Breathable fabric with block-and-tackle tension adjustment is easy to tighten, and its double-loop mechanisms will remain secure.

User-inspired innovations


A perfect fit for EVERY body.

Body positioning is crucial for propulsion efficency. When your weight is balanced incorrectly, your wheelchair is more difficult to push. That's why the Nitrum boasts the largest range of sizes and adjustments in its class, so you can achieve your own perfect fit.


The first integrated LEDs with removable battery.

Mounted on both caster arms, the Nitrum's integrated LEDs will light up your night. The power pack provides up to 4 hours of run time and can be easily detached for recharging or to reduce the overall weight of the chair. How's that for bright?

  • Composite housing is water- and shock-proof
  • Four LEDs per side light up the area around the caster wheels
  • Three modes: high, low, and blink
  • Control box is mounted inconspicuously on the calf strap and includes a detachable and rechargeable lithium-ion battery
The first integrated LEDs with removable battery.
Seat Width:12" to 20"
Seat Depth:12" to 20"
Front Seat-to-Floor Height:16" to 21"
Rear Seat-to-Floor Height:13" to 20"
Back Height:
  • Height Adjustable: 10" to 20"
  • Fixed Height: 8" to 19"
Back Angle Adjustment:Fore (-)18° to Aft (+)10°
Frame Angle:
  • 75°
  • 80°
  • 85°
Center of Gravity (COG) Adjustment:0° to 4°
Product Information
Model Number:EIR12
Starting Retail Price:$4,550
Frame Material:7020 Oval Aluminum
Transit:Yes; conforms with ANSI/RESNA WC-19 standards
User Weight Capacity:
  • Nitrum: 275 lbs.
  • Nitrum Hybrid: 300 lbs.
Product Weight:Nitrum
  • 18.3 lbs.
  • Transport weight: 10.8 lbs.
  • Transport weight w/o wheel locks: 9.7 lbs.

Nitrum Hybrid
  • 20.3 lbs.
  • Transport weight: 12.8 lbs.
  • Transport weight w/o wheel locks: 11.7 lbs.

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.


Warranty coverage for this product may vary from one province to another depending on funding requirements. Please contact your dealer for more details.