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Blind Spot Sensors

Braze Mobility is dedicated to increasing independence, safety, and overall quality of life for people living with mobility challenges. It engages with end-users throughout the design process to create accessible and innovative technologies that are affordable and easy to use.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the company was founded by Dr. Pooja Viswanathan, who has incorporated over a decade of smart wheelchair research into state-of-the-art technology that improves accessibility and independence for people with physical disabilities.

Braze Mobility Sentina Kit

SentinaWheelchair Accessory

The Braze Sentina can attach to any wheelchair and provides 180 degrees of rear-view blind spot coverage! The Sentina is easy to mount, and is fully customizable.

From $4074

Braze Mobility Hydra Kit

HydraWheelchair Accessory

Recommended for clients who want a greater awareness of obstacles in targeted areas and more flexibility in mounting options.

From $2844

Braze Mobility Echo Head

Echo HeadWheelchair Accessory

Peripheral sensor with roughly 45 degrees of targeted coverage.

From $615

Braze Mobility Vibration Module

Vibration ModuleWheelchair Accessory

Offers tactile alerts regarding location and proximity of obstacles.

From $46