Horizon Stander

Standing on the horizon with this multi-position stander

A revolutionary 3-in-1 stander, the Leckey Horizon Stander is designed for users from kids to adults with complex postural needs.

This electric-operated standing system provides outstanding postural support and pelvic stability in either prone, supine, or upright positions.

Available with highly adaptable features including chest, hip, knee, and footplate supports to provide easy adjustability and optimal standing positioning to the client.

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Options and Prices
LECKEY Horizon Stander
3-in-1 Stander

3-in-1 Stander

The Leckey Horizon Stander is three standers built into one. Usable as an upright, supine, or prone stander, this multi-position stander is a versatile platform in standing therapy.

Angle adjustment from 0° to 90° is made easy with the Horizon Stander through the use of its rechargeable remote control.

The Benefits of Standing

The Benefits of Standing

The versatile and easy-to-use angle adjustment of the Leckey Horizon Stander allows clients to achieve a standing position that has shown to have many benefits to overall health and everyday life:

  • Improves pressure relief
  • Enhances functional reach
  • Improves range of motion
  • Supports vital organs and improves circulation
  • Promotes bone health
  • Reduces abnormal muscle tone
  • Improve motor abilities
Personalized Support

Personalized Support

The Leckey Horizon Stander can be easily individualized for each user's needs and therapy goals. The well designed pelvic belt works for upright, supine, and prone positioning, providing exceptional pelvic support.

This multi-position stander offers support options that include adjustable chest support, flexible laterals, and independent footplates, all designed to provide optimum comfort and positioning support.

Independence and Function

Independence and Function

The Leckey Horizon Stander is perfect for the classroom and home settings, allowing eye-to-eye contact and freedom for hands to move and develop motor skills. This therapy stander promotes independence with a range of optional extras including activity trays, grab-rails, and posts, encouraging interactive activities with family and peers.
Product Information
Starting Retail Price:$3,869
  • Size 2
  • Size 3
Age Range:
  • Size 2: 9-18 years
  • Size 3: 14 years-Adult
Product Weight:
  • Size 2: 110.6 lbs.
  • Size 3: 130 lbs.
Chest Width:
  • Size 2: 29.5"-37.4"
  • Size 3: 29.5"-45.3"

(distance between laterals)

Hip Support Height:
  • Size 2: 29.5"-37.4"
  • Size 3: 29.5"-45.3"

(footplate to top of pad)

Hip Width:
  • Size 2: 8.3"-15.3"
  • Size 3: 12.2"-18.5"
Footplate Angle:10°
Tray Size:Size 2, Size 3: 20.5" x 23.2"
Tray Angle Adjustment:
  • Prone: 0° to +40°
  • Supine: -20° to +30°
Recommended User Height:
  • Size 2: 55.1"-70.9"
  • Size 3: 61"-70.9"
User Weight Capacity:
  • Size 2: 176 lbs.
  • Size 3: 220 lbs.

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.


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